Cherry (Level 22)

Cherries are crops (Tree crops) that unlock once you reach level 22. They grow on cherry trees and can be harvested up to four times, providing after the third harvest you ask for help versus cut the tree down.

Many different products use Cherries as an ingredient and we will list them below.

As with all crops, Cherries are stored in your silo. How many you can store depends upon your free space available.

Production Time

Production time for the Cherry to mature each harvest is: 1 day and 3 hours, without a booster.



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The first harvest gives two cherries, the second one gives three, and the third and fourth gives four. After the third harvest the tree wilts, and you can ask for someone to water it. Once someone has watered it, and you sent them a thank you card, the tree grows for the fourth and final time. After the fourth harvest the tree dies. If you want to remove the dead tree from your farm it will require a saw.

Selling Cherries



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 Cherries used in:



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