Storage Buildings

There are currently three (3) Storage Buildings in Hay Day.

  1. Barn = Stores Animal Goods, Products, Expansion Materials, and Tools.
  2. Silo = Stores all the crops in the game; Field Crops and Tree/Bush Crops
  3. Tackle Box = Stores all of the different Lures, Fishing Net, Mystery Net, Lobster Trap, and Duck Traps

The Barn and Silo are located on the farm (Main area of the game) and is given to you on Level One (1). They must be repaired to progress in the game, and luckily they are repaired for free during the initial tutorial of the game during Level One (1).

The tackle box is also given to you free once you are able to unlock it by reaching Level Twenty-Seven (27). Fortunately, the Tackle Box does not need to be repaired and can be used as soon as it is unlocked.


Upgrading the Barn, Silo, and tackle box allows you to hold more items in each.

  • Barn can be upgraded using BEM’s up to a Maximum of Ten Thousand (10,000).
  • Silo and Tackle Box can be upgraded using SEM’s.
    The Silo can be upgraded, like the barn, up to Ten Thousand (10,000) and the Tackle Box can be upgraded to One Thousand (1,000).
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