Glossary of Frequently Used Terms


Here you will find a list of the most commonly used terms both inside of Hay Day and in our Facebook Group.
If you do not find the item in question in this list, please contact us and we will assist you.

BEMS = Barn Expansion Material(s)

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SEM = Silo Expansion Material(s)

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LEM = Land Expansion Material(s)*

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* Expansion Permits are not stored in barn and you cannot sell or gift them currently

TEM = Town Expansion Material(s)

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BUMP (Sometimes UP)

  • Bring Up My Post
    This is used to make your post reach the top of the group

RSS (Sometimes just RS)

  • Road Side Shop / Roadside Shop

PM (Sometimes Inbox me or DM)

  • Private Message


  • Price of an item before it is Adjusted up or down


  • Price of an item when adjusted as high as it can go

Single Trade (Sometimes referred to as All or Nothing, AON)

  • Person trading will not do multiple trades for what they want

Chat Terminology

  • bb = Bye Bye
  • bbs = Be back soon
  • brb = Be right back
  • bbl = Be back later
  • cya = See you
  • lmk = Let me know
  • lmkw = Let me know when
  • ttyl = Talk to you later
  • TTFN = Ta Ta for now
  • tyt = Take your time
  • Thx = Thanks (Sometimes Thanx)
  • tyvm = Thank you very much
  • AFK = Away from keyboard – basically means the person is not on currently

There are more abbreviations out there for chat terminology, and if you know some we have missed, please let us know.

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