KB: Do I need to register for the FaceBook Group?

KB: Do I need to register for the FaceBook Group?

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All information contained within our Facebook group Hay Day Market (New and Improved) is closed for security purposes. That means you can find the group, but not see any of the posts contained inside.

You can request to join the group, and if approved, you will gain access to the groups contents. Inside you will be able to ask for more friends (via Facebook friends or by their #Tag), advertise your hood/join a hood, post and accept trades, post sales, and participate in our fun contests where you can win some great in-game prizes and/or Google Play/iTunes gift cards to purchase diamonds from Supercell.

Please Note:
Currently we still only trade within our Facebook group Hay Day Market (New and Improved), but we may decide to install our own forum on this website and abandon FaceBook, which then you would be required to join this website. Joining our website you must agree to our Terms and Conditions and also might want to look at our Privacy Policy. (Currently being designed).

Let us know if you would like to have our Facebook Group transition to this website – I have made the website where you can signup and login using Facebook.

Thank You.

Hay Day Market (New and Improved) Administration

Original: December 29, 2017 9:52AM Arizona Time (GMT-7)


Rex Williamson
Founder | Admin
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